Stridsvagn 103C by Erik Gustavsson


Accurate Armours resin kit of the “S-tank”. The tracks were replaced with a pair from the Italeri Leopard 2 kit since I was to lazy to use the “flexible resin” tracks that came with the kit. Other modifications are the erected and drilled out illuminating mortar (LYRAN). I provided the mortar with an opened up cap. The kit was built in 2001.

The colours I used are the following (Humbrol):

Dark green
Hu 149

Light green
Hu 105 with a few drops of Hu 80 to increase the contrast towards the dark green.

Hu 118 with a little grey and green to lessen the contrast towards the greens. The brown was too eyecatching as it were.

Hu 33 with a few drops of grey and green to lessen the contrast a bit.

The main issue was not to get the “real” colours, but to make the colours look “real” together. The shades of colours can actually be different due to a lot of factors. You judge on how well I succeeded.

About Erik Gustavsson

One of the founding fathers of Plastic Warfare, and the creator and administrator of this website.
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One Response to Stridsvagn 103C by Erik Gustavsson

  1. Hauke Krapf says:

    very nice build!!!

    Erik, could you do me a favor? Can you send me detail photos of the LYRAN Mortar?

    Your endeavors would be appreciated!



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