Skaraborgs armoured regiment on manouvers

Skaraborgs pansarregemente

Pictures from an excersise held at the training area outside of Skövde.

Some of the participating vehicles were Stridsvagn 122, various variants of the CV 90, Pbv 401 (mtlb), bgbv 4012 (mtlb ARV) and Bgbg 81 (Centurion ARV).

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3 Responses to Skaraborgs armoured regiment on manouvers

  1. Dan Hay says:

    Good day

    I was just enjoying the ‘Skaragorgs Armoured regiment on manouvers’ photos you have posted on your most excellent website. I found myself wishing for larger images, so that I could pick out some of the subtlties of weathering and such that the pictures exhibit. May I humbly ask if it is possible for you to post higher resolution images on your website (say 800×600 pixels)?

    Thanks very much and keep up the great work on your site!

    Cheers – Dan

  2. Erik G says:

    You´re right, the pics are too small to be of really help. They were originally posted on the web back in the days when people used telephone modems to hook up to the internet. I will try to replace the pictures in a few days.

    Thanks for the input!

    best regards
    Erik G

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