Stridsfordon 9040B in 1/72nd scale by Erik Gustavsson


This Strf 90 (CV 90) is scratch built using mainly plasticard. The running gear is taken from a Revell M2A2 Bradley. References used for this project was my own and Thord Wedmans extensive library of photographs, Users manual for Strf 9040A and B and the SPHF drawing of the Strf 90 (Order it yourself here 😀 ).
The model was painted using the real army issue colours, then heavily weathered using mainly humbrol colours.
The model was built in 2002-2003

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5 Responses to Stridsfordon 9040B in 1/72nd scale by Erik Gustavsson

  1. Emil says:

    Great job. I love the amount of detail, like the “BT-system”. I used to be a gunner on the Anti-Aircraft version (LVKV90) and its great to se this vechile represented.

  2. Joshua says:


    apparently a small-time manafacturer was making a kit. Any news about it on an Idea where I could get one? Nice model by the way Erik, I like it so much that I have brought the drawings myself, I think I will have a go at making one.

    Thanks for representing the vehicle in 1/72 scale!

    Oh, have you checked out Ingvar Sylegard’s model, it appeared in issue 26 of AFV modeller magazine. It is the C variant in 1/35th scale, It looks good!

  3. Erik says:

    Hi Joshua
    I have in fact checked out Ingvars Strf 9040C on several occations. I had the pleasure of seeing it before it was completed even, as well as afterwards. It sire does look good, even better in real life. Ingvar gives a lot of attention to details on his models, and it is often very rewarding to give them a very close look.

    I know that the well known armour historian Kjell Svensson has made the Strf 9040 in 1/72 (or 1/76) in resin, but he does very little production, so the easiest way of obtaining a Kjell Svensson kit is to participate in the swedish modelling competition C4 Open in Malmö, hoping to win the SPHF prize for best swedish armoured vehicle. That was the way I obtained my resin Strf 9040 that I am not at all willing to part from.

    Beware that the drawings portray a Strf 9040, which means that it’s a version that predates the A, B and C versions. The “no letter” versions were upgraded to A, which externally mean that they no longer carry the Lyran illumination mortars on the turret roof, and that they got an externally mounted dampening cylinder on the turret front armour.

    best regards
    Erik G

  4. Frank says:

    Hi, anyone can help me? I try to contact Ingvar but i can’t find a address.

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