Centurion wheel update kit.


I have found a nice little Australian company called Firestorm that produces update kits for the AFV Club Centurions.
Previously I bought a mantle that I’m using for my Strv 81.
Now they have two new updates, one for the road wheels, a resin replacement for the rubber tyres included in the AFV Club kit and a pair of dish type idler wheels.
The parts are moulded in a cream colored resin and with nice, crisp details.
There’s some flash to remove but not much at all.

The idler wheels are really nice and fits together without problems.
The only issue is that the hole for the wheel axle is to shallow so you either need to cut the axle or drill out the hole.
Since I don’t know now witch of my four Centurions I’m gonna use the wheels on I drilled out the hole instead of cutting the axle.

As for the road wheels, they are really nice.
Some flash on the back but some quick turns on a piece of sanding paper and they are nice and smooth.
The rubber is nicely textured with some small nicks and cuts in them, they really feels like rubber.
After sanding the flash the AFV Club road wheels are a drop fit.
The Firestorm parts on the left and the kit parts on the right.
There’s 26 pieces included in the set so there’s enough for all wheels, including the spares.

These two products are something that I can highly recommend, the idler wheels for someone that wants something different for their Centurion and the road wheels for everyone that builds the AFV Club Centurion.
Delivery from Australia to Sweden took less than a week and postage was very cheap.

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