A suprisingly useful modelling tool

I just wanted to share with you my thoughts about a very useful modelling tool. I am not speaking of my Xuron Micro-Shear I bought last week, although it is very useful, no, the object of my love this time is The torchlight.

The Surefire modelling tool

All of us have propably mouthed bad words after seeing a tiny detail go ballistic after pressing the tweezers a bit too hard. All of us have thereafter spent time on the floor, looking for the small, but crucial part, amongst parts of sprue and other junk that lives under the modelling table. Often there is bad lighting underneath, and since at least I have the time for modelling at late evenings, there igenerally poor lighting everywhere, except on the table itself. I have found out that my torchlight is indispensable for finding lost parts. It often even saves me the trouble of getting down on the floor. I think the “secret” is to have a powerful lamp. Mine is a Surefire L4 with a quite powerful LED light.
Well, I just wanted to share this with you since it has saved me a lot of swearing and cursing, and it might save you some too.

Best regards
Erik G

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