Euromilitaire 2007 gallery


Here is a mix of all kinds of entries from Euromilitaire 2007. I have no ambition to cover all entries, and some entries that looked good in the camera has been photographed more than others. So, welcome to my pick of what was on offer at Euromilitaire 2007. Enjoy!

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5 Responses to Euromilitaire 2007 gallery

  1. Antonio Espinosa says:

    Hello from Spain and thanks for the magnificent photographies. It is possible to lower them?

  2. Mig Jimenez says:

    To all my dear swedish friends (all of you)

    I must say that this was my frist missing Euro because work reasons. I was very sad in my home thinking about all of you and the sweet times in the bar talking with many of you. But thanks to this an other reports, I saw all you great works. Sincerily, from my heart, I must say that this was on of the best NORTHDIC years (if you allowme to include your neighbourgs like Per, or Pekka)

    All of you has demostrate one more time the exquisite and great talent that all of you have in your minds. I still remembering the great PzI dio with squeleton, or the superb work of the US truck with all of these US figures (great paint job by the way)….but this is just an example.

    I feel very proud of the North modellers because I know many of them in person, and I must say that they are not only good modellers but also excellent people and freinds. This year I really missed all you, but in another hand I am very happy to see all your evolutions with the models.

    Thanks guys because all of you are in the TOP of the world, and you are a great reference for all of us.

    All my best wishes and a lot of hugs for all of you my friends.

    from Spain

    Mig Jimenez

  3. Erik G says:

    Thank you for your kind words, Miguel. We missed you at the bar at Southcliff.
    Too bad Spain left a walk over to scandinavia this year. I hope you guys will give “nordic edge” a run for their money next time 😀

    best regards
    Erik G

  4. Jag skulle lik till tack sjĂ€lv stötarna för delar din profilen med oss fĂ„ du kunde inte bevista den hĂ€r Ă„ren hĂ€ndelsen , Jag vill vara i nĂ€rvaro nĂ€sta Ă„r med min ny sĂ€llskap. Till du Nordic modell , hĂ„lla uppe den fantastisk verk. Och Maj Óðinn resa med du. Chris Mrosko Ny VĂ€rld Miniatyr

    I would like to thank you guys for sharing your images with us few you could not attend this years event, I will be in attendance next year with my new company. To you Nordic modelers, keep up the fantastic work. And may Óðinn travel with you.
    Chris Mrosko
    New World Miniatures

  5. Lawrence Goh says:


    Wish I’ve been there as well. Too busy with you know what… Hope to make it there again! All the works are lovely! The New Orlean Saints bust really caught my eye!

    Nordic rules this time! hehe.


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