Euromilitaire 2007, the second day


Euromilitaire 2007 is over. Ulf and I lie tired in the hotel room. My camera battery is flat, my memory card almost full. My wallet is empty and my bag is full. My eyes are tired and my feet hurt.

I am glad to announce that the scandinavians, and “the nordic edge” did very well. for example, all the medalists in the class with afv-viginettes were swedish. There were three nordic gold medals, one to Janne Nilsson for his shadowbox with brittish paras, one to the norwegian Per Olaf Lund for his bombed out BR-52 locomotive diorama, and finally one to Johan Fohlin for his jagdpanzerviginette. Congratulationd boys.

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  1. serg says:

    Cool. Russian tank crew is exellent.

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