Euromilitaire, the first day


Here is a short report from Euromilitaire 2007. I am writing this on my mobile phone, and the pictures are taken with the same phone so I apologise for the poor quality. Better pictures will be uploaded when I get home sometime next week.
Now on to the impressions from the first day.

The number of entries seemed fewer than the last time I was here (2005). But the quality is still top notch. On the armour modelling side there seems to be a trend towards more dioramas and viginettes.
Missing from the show this year are the spaniards. Mig, I miss you! I don’t know why, but I haven’t seen any of the regular armour modellers from spain. Pity.

On the subject of memorable entries I guess that the large castele of Clairvaux shoult be mentioned. A complete castle in 1/35th scale!

Soon it’s time for dinner. We’ll be dining at a texmex place together with some other scandinavians. there is really a lot of us here, Swedes, Norwegians and Finns.

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2 Responses to Euromilitaire, the first day

  1. Anders Isaksson says:

    Thanks for the report, Erik. Looking forward to more pics soon!


  2. Alvaro García Truchuelo says:

    We have been a few people from Spain this year, four in my group from the north, four or five more

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