Modell Göteborg 2007


Modell Göteborg 2007 didn´t actually take place in Gothenburg, but in the neighbouring small town of Kungälv. The new choice of facilities was a great improvment over the previous. There was quite enough room for the display tables, there were ample facilities for serving hotdogs and cookies and there was even a room dedicated to junior modelling.

On the downside is that to reach the event you almost have to be motorised, or live in Kungälv. Some of the dealers was cramed in to a rather tight spot in a corridor, while others had a lot of breathing space in the display hall.

Unfortunately I could not participate this year, but atleast I could get there and introduce my children to the wonderful hobby of modell building (but there were no tanks to be built in the junior modellling room. Too bad..)

Here is a small pick of the modells at Modell Göteborg 2007

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