Next event: IPMS Open 2008

IPMS Open 2008 in Stockholm is held the 5-6 of April. Only slightly more than an month to go, and I don´t know what to bring. Atleast I will bring my camera.

There are usually a lot of heated debates over rules and rulings after an event, especially so after IPMS Open. This year the debates have started before the event itself, when it became clear that there are a slight change of the rules regarding what kind of non plastic parts that are allowed in the basic classes. In this respect IPMS Open have made the complete opposite from what C4 did last year, when they decided that they would allow anything even in the basic class, and set the difference in the way the judgement of detailling is done. According to IPMS Open rules mixed media kits that was previously allowed in the basic class, now has to compete in the advanced class. Only “a few” parts of PE, resin or white metal is allowed, whatever “a few” means.
Maybe this is a small matter to most, but not for all. I find it interesting that the two major modelling competitions in Sweden moves in the complete opposite direction regarding this matter.

Another change is that all competing models must be submitted before the 24th of March. No entering at the day of competition is allowed. If you haven’t submitted and payed in advanced then you´re not allowed to compete. Personally I think this is the wrong approach, and it is not doing the competition any good. If there is a problem with too many models that has to be entered on the day of the competition, well, then there will be a lot models not showing up on the competition instead.

As I said earlier, I havent decided on what to bring yet. If I haven’t decided by the 24th of march, well, then the organisers have decided for me.


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