Realistic camo netting in 1/35th scale, again

Lawrence Goh from Singapore has bought himself a nice toy. Some sort of cutting machine that he now uses to produce camouflage netting similar to the one Ingvar Sylegård made in this article. While the machine does the job quicker and more exact than most of us would do it manually, I believe the one hour required is still to slow to make comercial net manufacturing viable. But hey, Larry, feel free to send some netting my way anyway 😀
You can see his nets for yourself here:


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One Response to Realistic camo netting in 1/35th scale, again

  1. Dear Lawerence,

    The sketch of the cammo net looks impressive. I am on hunt of suitable cutting machines could you share and lwt me know some reliable sources for this application.

    Looking forward for your reply.
    Warm Regards,
    Raymond Mendonce

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