IPMS Open 2008 report

This report might be a bit late since the event took place a whole week earlier. In this age of fast communication one would think event reports that aren´t published online during the actual event is very old school. Anyway, here is a brief summary of the ups and downs of the IPMS Open this year.

First of all, it was very nice meeting with fellow modellers.

Some of the good things worthy of mention reagarding the arrangement this year was:

One hall for the exebition, and one for commerce. Last year the two halls were mixed so that there were exebition and commerce in both halls, which I, and several other visitors found to be not so good, especially since the second hall had some “alternative B” feeling, like it was the place for the not so exiting stuff.

Good planning. I got a phonecall several weeks before the competition, in which I was asked if I could be a judge. This is better than being asked at the event itself. There were also some juice cartons and candy bars made available for the judges, which also is a good thing.

Several months before the event I was asked if I could hold a presentation about photography at the event. Also a good sign of proper planning!

The seminars. I held one about photography, and Janne Nilson talked about his light box diorama “the red devils”. Atleast I will think of them as positive additions to the event. The few brave who listened to me talking shutter times and aperture settings might think otherwise.

Some of the not so good details regarding this years show were:

Not as many exhibits that one could whish for. Especially not compering to the record breaking C4 Open in 2007. But the standard among the competing entries was fairly high.

The school building is not the coolest setting for the show imaginable. Although I understand that economic considerations might prevent finding a more attractive setting.

I belive a bit more could have been done in the department of information. There could maybe have been some official programme posted on the walls, displaying when the seminars and price ceremony was supposed to take place. I belive not many people knew about the seminars at all. The fact that the seminars were held on the stage in the small hall, hidden behind a curtain didn´t do much to attract causal listeners to the seminars. That said, I thing my audience was large enough to make the trouble of holding the seminar worth while.

So on the whole, I think it was a good event. Always with room for improvment, but still, very good.

 As for my presentation, you can download the powerpoint I used here if you want (all photos/illustrations within are copyrighted to me ofcourse, and it´s in swedish!).

The gallery with images of not all, but many of the exihibited modells is available here.

That concludes my IPMS Open 2008 report.

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2 Responses to IPMS Open 2008 report

  1. Frank Glackin says:

    Hej Erik. Thanks for the images and show report. I have to agree with your assessment of the show. The seperate competition and sellers halls was a big plus, as were the seminars. They both gave a more organised and professional feeling, and a big step in he right direction, in my opinion.

    Personally, I hope the seminars/workshops idea is kept and built upon. It is a pity more didn´t take the opportunity, as “shutter times and aperture settings” are becoming more and more important in this hobby. Your talk was appreciated, as was Janne´s.

    Maybe its good that all reports dont come during and directly afterwards … its good to reflect a little and also keep some focus. If used properly, constructive feedback taken omboard at the right time, along with the positive aspects of this year´s show, can only make for an even better show next year.

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