Pbv 301 in resin

The same company that brought us the SAV m/43 a couple of months ago has now released their pbv 301 in 1/35 scale.
The kit is avaliable thru Panzer Shop and costs 144€, slightly more expencive than the SAV at 136€
The kit is made from resin with Friul modellissimo tracks and details from PE.
A quick glance at the images avaliable at the Panzer Shop web store gives a promising feeling althou I think the roof lacks in some detailing.
Pbv 301
Pbv 301
Pbv 301
I belive that the tracks are for the Pz 38t wich means that they are ok for an early version of the pbv 301, later the tracks was changed to a modified version but you can’t have everything.

An interresting kit althou the prize tag is a bit too big for my taste.

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