It´s alive! An armour show at Axvall


The saturday of august the 30th 2008 the armour museum at Axvall held a small event to show some of the working vehicles to the public. The big surprise of the day was the participation of a vehicle not belonging to the museum collection, but to the P4 armoured regiment, a real and live T-72. The T-72 is one of a handful bought from former east german stock in  the mid nineties, when the swedish army bought several hundred armoured personel carriers (MTLB and BMP-1). Thord, one of the authors on this site, was helping out, driving the Pbv 302, and yours truly was riding shotgun, or more exactly, riding Hispano Suiza autocanon. However, the only thing I shot with was with my Nikon. The result thereof is displayed below.


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7 Responses to It´s alive! An armour show at Axvall

  1. Thord W says:

    Great images Erik, we sure did have a lot of fun.


  2. Leif W says:

    You really did a great job with the camera last saturday.
    Me and my brother were ridin that t72.
    Hope we can make it the once again the 27th this month.
    Best regards

  3. Erik G says:

    I do hope so too, maybe I can sneak in to the gunners seat on your “little tank” then.. If I traverse the gun on the PBV so that it points over the drivers hatch maybe I can delay Thord enough to be able to get there first.. 😀


  4. Hi!
    We really had a good time that day. It contained all the nice things such as nice people, weather, smoke and “thunder” the only thing missing was fire….
    It was nice meeting you guys too, at last there is a face and a person behind the names and “callsigns”.
    I think you remember me and my friend Håkan. Håkan is tall and thin and I’m short and more shaped like a barrel.
    I got som really nice shots of the action and of the action heroes in the open hatches…
    If you want them just tell me where to send them or if you have the time, have a look at and enter “Axvall 2008 (Running vehicles)”

  5. Erik G says:

    Hi Peter!
    Your pics are very nice. I, unfortunately (or maybe not so) had to sit in my little turret during the show, so I didn’t get the chance to get much pics of the running tanks.

    I can really recommend a trip to Peters gallery!

    Peter, I edited your post with the correct URL.. unfortunately the spam filter cought your post, but now here it is 😀

    Best regards
    Erik G

  6. Peter E says:

    Took me a while to return to this site too and to post an answer.

    Well fortunately I can relive you of your duties in the turret as you seem to hesitate regarding your duty as riding shot(cannon).



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