Do you want my honest opinion, or just a white lie?

I recently spent some 15-20 minutes writing an answer to a post in a modelling forum. The post was posted in a forum where modellers show stuff they are working on. My answer contained both praise for the excellent model and some tips on how I thought the model could be improved on further. To really help my fellow modellers I even took the time to include photographs that I had taken on a real tank in the post to back up my opinion with a little bit of fact.

To my surprise another modeller (not the one whos model I commented on) commented on my post that he found it rude to say something negative on a fellow modellers work. And I just thought people would like to know how they might improve?

This wasn´t the first time in the history of internet I have seen it happen either. I´ve seen it happen other people who thought they were doing their fellow modellers a service.

So I have this question to all of you who happen to read this.. What do you think? What would you like to receive when posting pics in forum part like “in the works” or “contructive comments”? To get tips on what and how to improve your model, or just as many “Nice model” comments as possible? Which do you value the most?

best regards

Erik G

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2 Responses to Do you want my honest opinion, or just a white lie?

  1. Hi Eric.

    Personaly I would like to have constructive comments and hints on how to get better and I think you did the right thing.
    I want my hobbie and work to evolve and to get better. To get better one needs the input of others.

    But one thing I have learned over the years is that text in e-mail and forums can be read and interpreted differentely by almost anyone that reads it. It may be caused by cultural differences, language differences/problems and the mood that the reader is in.

    As I understand this it was another modeller that thought you were rude…
    Well this person might be insecure himself and have difficulties taking constructive comments…

    If it is possible, ask the modeller you helped about what he thinks of your post. Do this in the thread where this happened. If he answers then both you and the guy who were critical might get some input regarding this.



  2. Markus Thor (aka Markus "Simon" Bergqvist) says:

    Gordon Ingram would never tell a white lie in serious matters 😉

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