A question to YOU, our dear reader!

This site has since it’s beginning in the turn of the century been free of ads, banners and other commercial interests. All things reviewed so far has been payed for by ourselves and so on.

Well, I was thinking, everybody else is running GoogleAds, so why not check out the possibility of having the cost of maintaining the site lessened, or even have some money so spare to buy more plastic kits for? But on the other hand, I have managed so far without littering the site with ads, so I could probably go on without.

So, what I wonder is, do you, dear reader, think that the site being free of advertising is like an oasis in a desert full of google ads, or do you think it´s a non issue since your eyes have learned to filtrate the ads from the content already? If you feel like backing up your answer with a comment, feel free to use the comment function below (your first comment on this site will have to be manually approved, a precaution against spam) or feel free to send me an email. The address is my first name and the url of this page, if you know what I mean.

[poll id=”2″]

By the way, I installed this poll-plugin just for this question, but now I can litter the site with meaningless polls in the future.. don´t we all love polls? Maybe I´d make a poll for that..

Best regards
Erik Gustavsson

About Erik Gustavsson

One of the founding fathers of Plastic Warfare, and the creator and administrator of this website.
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