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In may 2009 me and a pair of friends went to the armour museum at Munster. I have finally got the thumb out and uploaded a gallery of images from the visit. The two dorks wearing khaki t-shirts that are visible on some of the images are my pals. :-) Beware, the page contains 143 thumbnails, so it can take a little while to load.

The museum is very nice. As you can see they have a large collection of vehicles, with mainly a german angle, ofcourse. But since germany has given us so many interesting armoured vehicles that is hardly a drawback. The “king” of the collection is undoubtedly the Königstiger. They also have a Panther, wich actually has a swedish connection. It was bought as scrap after the war and used for tests in Sweden. It was later given back to Germany and Munster. Another Swedish/German tank displayed is the world war one tank LK II, which actually is a Swedish Strv m/21-29 that has been loaned/given to Munster. The only other Swedish contribution is a Stridsvagn 103 aka S-tank. For some reason I didn´t photograph it. Maybe I´ve seen them before? :-)

As for interesting modern armour, they have a Merkava.. A MERKAVA.. You´ll find photographs of it below. Other interesting modern subjects are the MBT-70, the VT-2 with twin 120mm guns and a Flakpanzer Gepard. I have a soft spot for tanks with radar antennas and quick fireing autocanons.

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