Stridsvagn 74


Stridsvagn 74 was a light tank that was made from a Stridsvagn m/42 (that was considered a heavy tank in its day) with a new turret armed with a 75mm gun. This home built tank was choosen instead of the AMX 13.

This is a resin kit by Kjell Svensson of the Stridsvagn m/74. It is in 1/76th scale. The figures are Preiser US tank crew converted to look like swedish soldiers wearing the M/69P tankers uniform. The standing officer is pretty much straight from the box, painted to look like he is wearing a field cap Fältmössa m/59 and the blue/yellow ribbon of an umpire of an exercise. The tanker has had his helmet altered to look like an old “Telehjälm 1” helmet with throat mike. I scratched the connection box on his chest, and its straps and the cables. I even made a nice coiled cable, but it isn´t visible since his lower torso is inside the tank. I finished off with a map printed out on ordinary paper. I had plans on trying to do something with decals and thin aluminium foil, but I got lazy, and the paper map looks quite OK in real life.

This tank is supposed to be one part of a small viginette, but that has to wait until I get the stuff I need to finish it.

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