08-Open 2011 – Military Vehicles


Most of the military vehicles displayed at 08-Open 2011.

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One of the founding fathers of Plastic Warfare, and the creator and administrator of this website.
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2 Responses to 08-Open 2011 – Military Vehicles

  1. Pat Lafontaine says:

    I just want to know what is the scale of these awsome vehicule, an if they can be use in a board game like axis & allies.

    thanks! or tanks!

  2. Erik Gustavsson says:

    It depends on the scale of the vehicles used in the board game. I know Flames of War uses something like 1/100. Most models on this page is 1/32, which, if you don´t have a very large game board, is way too big. Some of them are in 1/72nd, and they might be useful, although, maybe also be slightly too large. But the advantage is that there are a lot of kits to choose from, they are quite simple to build and they are not very expensive.
    I’ve noticed that more and more kits are turning up in the microscopic 1/144th scale. I guess this scale would be really perfect for board gamers, since it reqiures less table space.


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