Eduard photoetched camouflage nets


My friend, Anders Isaksson, sent me these photos of Eduards photo etched camouflage nets. They are a way simpler solution than making your own but in my opinion they really doesn´t look like the original. The shape is a bit simplified, and I´m not too convinced about the colour either. But to be honest, they might look better in reality, when used in some sort of context, and I guess they can be repainted. I will probably pick them up when I get the chance and try them out (I´m far to lazy to make my own, Ingvar Sylegård-style!). I am also looking forward to Anders Strf 90 with the netting on. Be sure to send is the pics, Anders 😀

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3 Responses to Eduard photoetched camouflage nets

  1. Sven Young says:

    Hey Erik.

    Have you checked out the Echelon versions of the cammo nets? They work like decals, I have a couple in my stash, but have not tried them yet,. Let me know if you would like to check one out, I can send you a sheet for you to review.

    One example (they sell 4 different sets, two patterns in two different colours):


    • Erik Gustavsson says:

      No, I haven´t seen the echelon nets. We discussed them, Anders and I, but I could not find them on the website, so I thought they were out of production. I wasn´t looking hard enough I guess.
      I think I´ll have to buy a set from each manufacturer to try them out to give a real verdict. But for swedish armour I believe both sets could use some improvement regarding the colours. I wonder if it would be possible to paint the Echelon nettings before removing them from the backing paper?

      • Sven Young says:

        That’s a good question, not sure if it is possible to paint them whilst they are still on the backing paper. You never know, it might work. I aöso wish they were printed in Swedish colours. Perhaps the guys at Echelon could do a Swedish set. They have released several other Swedish decal sets :-)

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