A report from the opening of Arsenalen



On friday the rain was pouring down constantly, and we had our misgivings about the opening ceremony.

Even minutes before the opening ceremony began the crew was adding the finishing touches to the various exhibitions.

The weather gods however gave the opening ceremony a break and suspended with the rain just when the ceremony began.

In the ceremony we were given music..

..we were given musket fire..

..large military vehicles..

…not so large military vehicles..

..and the mandatory speaches. The speaker above is the head of the museum, Stefan Karlsson, who I am in gratitude for having such a nice weekend.

The chap above, in front of the VIP grandstand, is His Majesty the King of Sweden, Carl XVI Gustaf. The most VIP person in Sweden, probably.

These guys however, are not so VIP.. Thord Wedman, in the black suit, second from the left in the top row, flashes his most attractive smile. The guy in the red jacket is Mats Stråhle of IPMS Stockholm. To the right of mr Wedman is Jonas Dahlberg, a world famous, at least in Sweden, modeller. He is responsible for the small (not 1:1 scale) dioramas in the museum.

Jonas Dahlberg talks about his large 1/300 scale diorama depicting an imaginary front line, if there had been war in the 70ies or 80ies. You will find more detail shots of his diorama in the gallery at the bottom of the page.


The saturday came with perfect weather. Perfect for some tank driving!

Some known faces from IPMS Stockholm gets a lecture on swedish APC´s from “Tobbe” of Arsenalen.

The line up of the vehicles that was to be driven on the saturday. The Ra’am (white “jeep” to the left) was not a part of the show, but used to start the Chieftain mk 10, since the Chieftain had poor batteries.

Kjell and Thord man the SPHF table. SPHF, Sveriges PansarHistoriska Förening was graciously given a room of their own in the museum. Despite the relaxed look of these gentlemen, they still managed to recruit some new members.

A new SPHF member.. Welcome aboard!

The opening weekend attracted a lot of people, and Bella (above) and Sanna (below) had their hands full, selling tickets, items from the shop and chocolate muffins and Coca Cola (which I bought my fair share of.. I can really recommend the muffins!)

Then there was time for some serious tank driving.. No, not that one..

THIS one..

I am acting as a missile gunner on the PVRBV 551.

Thord is having some fun in the turret of a Ikv 91.


The Sunday came with rain, a lot of rain. Still some brave souls ventured out to the museum and the show. I believe I spent half the day scraping mud of my boots. At least I had a nice pair of comfortable Gore-Tex boots..

The various vehicle crews having a meeting in the rain.

Advanced anti-rain system in use on the M113.

The Pbv 302 has a very advanced wiper system. It also has a rain sensor. The rain sensor is responsible for the photograph.

Afterwards, there was the always popular cleanup. Here the Strv 103 shows off its hydropneumatic suspension. The gun is fully dumped.

Here the gun is fully elevated. The S-tank shown here is a Strv 103C. Note that the tank is painted in the normal splinter camouflage, but the floatation gear has been mounted afterwards, and retains the older olive drab colour used before the splinter camouflage entered service. The tank is also unusual in that it has one of the newer style, glass fibre stowage boxes to the rear, and one of the old style, steel boxes.

Movie time

I also shot some HD-video with my camera, which I have edited together. It´s not an oscars grade production, but I hope you´ll like it.

This concludes the report from the three day event at Arsenalen, the 17-19th of June 2011. We, Thord and I, had a great time, and I hope that those of you who were there had a great time too. I also hope that those of you who have not yet visited Arsenalen will do so in the future. Some more pictures than those shown above can be found in the gallery below.

Please read the museum walkaround article for a closer description of the museum collection.

For more information about Arsenalen, please visit the Arsenalen website: www.arsenalen.se

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