AFV Club anti laser coating

Stryker 02

Ingvar Sylegård looks at AFV Clubs laser coating stickers

Ingvar is back, with a small review of the AFV Club sticker set for depicting the anti laser coating used on modern afvs. He also gives us a sneak peek on his Stryker model with Black Dog interior.

I have for a very long time looked for different ways to depict modern anti laser coating used on visual blocks. It seems AFV CLUB have solved this issue through the set AC 35011. This set really looks like the real deal. You only need to make sure that the surface you stick onto is completely flat, and I mean really flat like plan glass. If you look carefully you will find that most vision blocks provided in kits do have radie or sink marks. This will easily be solved by applying the stickers to Evergreens thinnest (0.13 mm) clear styrene sheets. You will then need to cut using the sticker as a template and glue it in place using white glue. This will also give you the opportunity to fine adjust the position of the sticker. I did not do this improvement on the pictures but you will be able to see what it does. I took a series of photos (pic ..01 – ..07), turning the model around without changing the light source or camera position. You can see how the color reflection is changing with the angle. In my opinion in looks spot on.

I also provide a couple of pictures of this WIP of an M1126 (the AFV CLUB offer) (pic ..10-..15)  spiced up with the full interior set from Black Dog, the latter really needed some TLC to fit inside the hull. Some part where replaced by home made alternatives. On the outside I scratched some wiring and of course also the antislip. The wood parts of the tools is actually made of wood, more specifically coffe stirrers which have very fine graining. These where sanded to shape, polished and rubbed with brown oil color and the wiped clean. Yes, it the new magic mag-lock tools that need no strapping to keep them in place Blinkar. No really, straps will come later.

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3 Responses to AFV Club anti laser coating

  1. Sven Young says:

    Looks fantastic Ingvar. Must get a couple of those sets from AFV Club.

    The model looks stunning. I am a big fan of interiors :-)
    What is your method for the anti-slip coating?

    Look forward to see the completed model. At C4 Open 2011 perhaps?


  2. Ingvar says:

    Thanks Sven,

    My method for making antislip is shown in pictures and text in my attempt to improve the Hobby Boss STRV122. You will find it under build blog on this site. I wrote the following;
    “And here I have spray coated the turret with repo spray glue, which is high viscous and permanently sticky. I then sprinkled 70 micrometre particles on top of this and carefully brushed of any loose particles. The idea is that there shall only be one layer of particles, hence the choice of high viscous glue. A thinner glue would be absorbed through capillary effect by the particles and the result would be a very thick layer.”

    BR, Ingvar

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