MENG Pick up x/ZPU-1 preview


UPDATE: Updated this article with the latest available information regarding the price of the kit.

During the Model Göteborg show I had the opportunity to check out the new 1/35 pick up kit from the new Chinese manufacturer Meng.

I took a moment to take a few sprue shots of the kit. It has already been started on by a fellow modeller, who will review it in some magazine later.

My impression is that the kit is pretty much similar to a simpler “curb side” 1/25th scale car kit. It looks pretty nice, but it is not very complex or super detailed. The doors and hood are moulded to the chassis, and the windows are just one part, so a diorama showing doors opened will require some surgery.

The kit seems nice, with a lot of potential for the intermediate to advanced modeller. But if the rumours regarding price I´ve heard are true ($35 in Hong Kong or about €50 ($70) when it reaches the shops here in Sweden), well, I guess it´s up to each and one to decide how much you need a pick up in your diorama.

The rumours seem to be wrong. Hobby Easy is charging 156 SEK (about €17 or $24) which is clearly a justifiable price point I think.

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