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UPDATE: Added pics of the pylon used for the Rb 04 anti shipping missile. The Rb 04 from Maestro includes the pylons used on the Viggen, which is not the same as on the Lansen.

I have included some pictures of relevant accessories for the Lansen here. They are: the old, original crew ladder, the tow bar, the old intake covers (although the paint job used to be better), the tow bar and a dismounted belly tank.

Notice how the front of the tank is built from a thicker gauge of steel plating than the thinner aluminium used on the rest of the tank. This is because shell casings from the four guns on the A32 was hitting the front of the tank.

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  1. Dera Erik, I,m getting in contact with you to ask for your help. I,m a spanish modeller very involved in the Swedish aviation lately, as I,m working on four 1/72 Viggens (take alook if you want
    Besides this, I am working with the owner of MaestroModels in the manufacture of some improvements for kits of Swedish aircraft, mainly of Viggen. now he has asked me to biuld a master for the extension fuselage on the Lansen with the Viggen radar cone. The problem is that I’m not able to find any good pic or drawing as reference. Could you help? I would be very gratefull.
    Please contact me directly at

    Thanks in advance.


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