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Now when Tarangus finally released their 1/48 kit of the SAAB Viggen I think some detail shots were needed. I therefore went to the aircraft museum “Aeroseum” just outside Gothenburg to shoot some of their Viggens. Unfortunately they only have AJS ans AJSH 37 Viggens, and only forward fuselages of the AJ, so most images are of the AJS and AJSH. However I managed to get some cockpit images from the JA 37 cockpits they use for their simulators. Being museum pieces I must warn the reader that the equipment shown might not be complete. The seats for example lack parachutes and belts and possibly other details as well. The JA cockpits lacked the HUD, except one JA 37D cockpit, that instead was missing a large part of its cockpit displays. Anyway, I hope you find them useful. To inspire I also added photos of the only flying Viggen left in the world, a AJS 37 operated by the Swedish Air force Historic Flight.

Edit 20150910: Added some photos taken of the AJ 37 displayed at Flygvapenmuseum at Malmen, Linköping.

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