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Stridsfordon 9040B in 1/72nd scale by Erik Gustavsson

This Strf 90 (CV 90) is scratch built using mainly plasticard. The running gear is taken from a Revell M2A2 Bradley. References used for this project was my own and Thord Wedmans extensive library of photographs, Users manual for Strf 9040A and B and the SPHF drawing of the Strf 90… Continue reading

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Bärgningsbandvagn 81 by Markus Eriksson

It’s now close to 7 years since I went through the military service on an ARV attached to the Mechanized Brigade ”Mek B18”(today P18 on Gotland) Ever since, my ambition have been to build a replica of the vehicle on which I served. Our crew baptized this ARV (810) ”Tracy Lord”, a name very familiar to a bunch of 19-year olds Continue reading

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