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What Thord doesn't know about modern Swedish armour is not worth knowing. Thord is also known for actually finishing a model once in decade or so.

SO-90 M-36B2 Mod-1

Take an AFV Club M36 Jackson, add the Tank Workshop exterior update and the Eduard photoetch. What do you get then? Well, with a little more scratch building you’ll get a Serb M36 from the war in Bosnia. The Yugoslav … Continue reading

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AFV Club Hush Puppy tracks for Centurion

AFV club is my favorite manufacturer at the moment. This is because they release one Centurion kit after another, a vehicle long overseen by the manufacturers. They also releases detailing sets and this review is about the Hush puppy tracks. … Continue reading

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Pbv 301 in resin

The same company that brought us the SAV m/43 a couple of months ago has now released their pbv 301 in 1/35 scale. The kit is avaliable thru Panzer Shop and costs 144€, slightly more expencive than the SAV at … Continue reading

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Building the Strv 81 from the AFV Club Centurion Mk 5/1

Finally there’s not one but two decent Centurions on the market and for us that builds swedish armour that’s great news. Now we can build the Strv 81 and 102 almost straight from the box. Well, it’s not that simple, … Continue reading

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Centurion wheel update kit.

I have found a nice little Australian company called Firestorm that produces update kits for the AFV Club Centurions. Previously I bought a mantle that I’m using for my Strv 81. Now they have two new updates, one for the road wheels, a … Continue reading

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Building a Strv102 Dozer from the AFV Club Centurion Mk 5/1

This project started out as a strv 81 but I have learned that it’s actually a strv 102 but with 20pdr barrel type B. The 20 pdr was used for target practice since the ammo was cheaper than the 105 … Continue reading

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Leopard 2 decal set from Echelon

I just recieved a new decal set from Echelon called “Leopard 2. Fearsome cats of the European nations” (T35008) The set has decals for Danish, Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian, Greek and Polish vehicles. It has options for 15 specific vehicles with markings enough for … Continue reading

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