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Reviews of models, tools, decal sets and other after market products.

PBV 302 from Hobby Fan – An inbox review

I am still waiting for my copy of the HobbyFan Pbv 302 kit, but some people have more luck than I, and one of these people is Sven Young. Sven has been kind enough to send me some photos of … Continue reading

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New book about the CV 90

The Swedish association Swedish Armour Historical Society (Svensk PansarHistorisk Förening, SPHF) has now released their book (Our book, I happen to be a member actually..) about the Combat Vehicle 90. The book is follow up on their earlier book about … Continue reading

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Academy Stridsfordon 9040B (CV 90) review

The new Academy Stridsfordon 90 (CV90) built up and reviewed. Includes (somewhat crappy) pics of the build. Continue reading

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AFV Club Hush Puppy tracks for Centurion

AFV club is my favorite manufacturer at the moment. This is because they release one Centurion kit after another, a vehicle long overseen by the manufacturers. They also releases detailing sets and this review is about the Hush puppy tracks. … Continue reading

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Centurion wheel update kit.

I have found a nice little Australian company called Firestorm that produces update kits for the AFV Club Centurions. Previously I bought a mantle that I’m using for my Strv 81. Now they have two new updates, one for the road wheels, a … Continue reading

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Leopard 2 decal set from Echelon

I just recieved a new decal set from Echelon called “Leopard 2. Fearsome cats of the European nations” (T35008) The set has decals for Danish, Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian, Greek and Polish vehicles. It has options for 15 specific vehicles with markings enough for … Continue reading

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