Stridsbåt 90

Posted on by Erik Gustavsson

A gallery of images of the Combat Boat 90 used by the Swedish Defense Forces. The photos are from the Baltops Exercise in 2015. The big ships in the background are HMS Ocean of the British Royal Navy, and USS … Continue reading


C4-Open 2015

Posted on by Erik Gustavsson

Some pictures from C4-Open in Malmö. I also added a film clip at the bottom of the page.  


CV 9030, the Norwegian CV90

Posted on by Erik Gustavsson

This is the Hobby Boss 1/35 kit of the Hägglunds (now BAE) CV90 version used by Norway. Norway was the first export customer of the CV90 IFV. It is, as its name suggests, equipped with a 30mm Bushmaster chaingun. The … Continue reading


Putte, an FT-17 in Swedish service

Posted on by Erik Gustavsson

This is Meng Models little kit of the Renault FT-17, built as the single FT-17 bought by the Swedish Army in 1925 to explore the capabilities of modern tanks. The FT-17 turned out to be neither modern nor very capable, … Continue reading


J 21A3 in 1/48 from Pilot Replicas

Posted on by Erik Gustavsson

Pilot Replicas is a fairly new manufacturer who has specialized in Swedish aircraft and related items in mainly 1/48. They appeared a few years back with the promise of not only one, but several kits of the Sk 60/SAAB 105 … Continue reading


Viggen details

Posted on by Erik Gustavsson

Now when Tarangus finally released their 1/48 kit of the SAAB Viggen I think some detail shots were needed. I therefore went to the aircraft museum “Aeroseum” just outside Gothenburg to shoot some of their Viggens. Unfortunately they only have … Continue reading


C4-Open 2012, Armour classes

Posted on by Erik Gustavsson

The entries in the Armour/Military vehicles classes at C4 Open, Malmö 2012.


Korean War “Beute” BA-64 Part 2

Posted on by Sven Young

Well, its been about 6 weeks since I posted part one of this article, and since the model is now complete, its a good a time as any to write the second and final instalment. Here  I will describe the … Continue reading


AiM 2012 – Aircraft classes

Posted on by Erik Gustavsson

A lot of aircraft were present. Below you´ll find 153 photos, so the total must have been something like 150 models!


AiM 2012 – Military Vehicles

Posted on by Erik Gustavsson

These are the contest entries of the military vehicles and artillery classes of Art in Miniature 2012.


Korean War “Beute” BA-64 Part 1

Posted on by Sven Young

During an e-mail exchange with my friend (and PW site owner) Erik G the other day, he asked me why it was such a long time ago I posted anything on this site. He has a good point, it has been … Continue reading