C4-Open 2015

Posted on by Erik Gustavsson

Some pictures from C4-Open in Malmö. I also added a film clip at the bottom of the page.  


CV 9030, the Norwegian CV90

Posted on by Erik Gustavsson

This is the Hobby Boss 1/35 kit of the Hägglunds (now BAE) CV90 version used by Norway. Norway was the first export customer of the CV90 IFV. It is, as its name suggests, equipped with a 30mm Bushmaster chaingun. The … Continue reading


Putte, an FT-17 in Swedish service

Posted on by Erik Gustavsson

This is Meng Models little kit of the Renault FT-17, built as the single FT-17 bought by the Swedish Army in 1925 to explore the capabilities of modern tanks. The FT-17 turned out to be neither modern nor very capable, … Continue reading


J 21A3 in 1/48 from Pilot Replicas

Posted on by Erik Gustavsson

Pilot Replicas is a fairly new manufacturer who has specialized in Swedish aircraft and related items in mainly 1/48. They appeared a few years back with the promise of not only one, but several kits of the Sk 60/SAAB 105 … Continue reading


Viggen details

Posted on by Erik Gustavsson

Now when Tarangus finally released their 1/48 kit of the SAAB Viggen I think some detail shots were needed. I therefore went to the aircraft museum “Aeroseum” just outside Gothenburg to shoot some of their Viggens. Unfortunately they only have … Continue reading


C4-Open 2012, Armour classes

Posted on by Erik Gustavsson

The entries in the Armour/Military vehicles classes at C4 Open, Malmö 2012.


Korean War “Beute” BA-64 Part 2

Posted on by Sven Young

Well, its been about 6 weeks since I posted part one of this article, and since the model is now complete, its a good a time as any to write the second and final instalment. Here  I will describe the … Continue reading


AiM 2012 – Aircraft classes

Posted on by Erik Gustavsson

A lot of aircraft were present. Below you´ll find 153 photos, so the total must have been something like 150 models!


AiM 2012 – Military Vehicles

Posted on by Erik Gustavsson

These are the contest entries of the military vehicles and artillery classes of Art in Miniature 2012.


Korean War “Beute” BA-64 Part 1

Posted on by Sven Young

During an e-mail exchange with my friend (and PW site owner) Erik G the other day, he asked me why it was such a long time ago I posted anything on this site. He has a good point, it has been … Continue reading


Stridsvagn m/38 in detail

Posted on by Erik Gustavsson

These photos are from the Stridsvagn m/38 that is currently displayed at Arsenalen. The Stridsvagn m/38 was developed by the Swedish (but very much German) firm of Landsverk as the L60 in 1934. It was an advanced construction for its … Continue reading