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A question to YOU, our dear reader!

This site has since it’s beginning in the turn of the century been free of ads, banners and other commercial interests. All things reviewed so far has been payed for by ourselves and so on. Well, I was thinking, everybody … Continue reading

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Do you want my honest opinion, or just a white lie?

I recently spent some 15-20 minutes writing an answer to a post in a modelling forum. The post was posted in a forum where modellers show stuff they are working on. My answer contained both praise for the excellent model … Continue reading

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Next event: IPMS Open 2008

IPMS Open 2008 in Stockholm is held the 5-6 of April. Only slightly more than an month to go, and I don´t know what to bring. Atleast I will bring my camera. There are usually a lot of heated debates … Continue reading

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Realistic camo netting in 1/35th scale, again

Lawrence Goh from Singapore has bought himself a nice toy. Some sort of cutting machine that he now uses to produce camouflage netting similar to the one Ingvar Sylegård made in this article. While the machine does the job quicker … Continue reading

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Nerds, so different, yet so much alike..

This post has very little to do with modelling, but it still has everything to do with our hobby, and the internet part of it. Internet has revolutionised our hobby, maybe even more so than resin and photo etched brass. … Continue reading

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