Euromilitaire 2003

As good as it gets?

This years EuroMilitaire was a great success and displayed some importent steps forward. Most important was the reconstruction of the showroom. The whole concept ”downstairs” was fantastic ! Lot’s of light, space a marvellous view, aircondition, room for seminairs and last but not least a bar…enough? I think so!
Imagine this showroom full to the brim with models and, yes, this is truly as good as it gets.
The standard was high through all classes. Some 780 models included highlights such as Douglas Lee’s charging polish cavalry (best in show), awesome figures including the work of Mike Blank and the unparallelled Bill Horan. The Armour was well represented as well.
Still, the opportunity to meet modellers from all over the world is probably the most rewarding ingredience in this rather delicious cake. After all, this is one major factor for pushing the modelling forward. Exchanging ideas, techniques and ways of looking at modelling in general.
So, thank you all fellow participants for making this a great weekend!
Hope to see you all next year again!


Contest entry photos

Pictures of some of the contest entries this year. Do not be surprised if we missed something. There were simply too much for us to cover and still being able to catch the rest of the event :-)

All photographs are taken by Erik Gustavsson and Ulf Andesson

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