Welcome to the new and improved PlasticWarfare

We´re not yet finished here, as you might notice. If you´re on Internet Explorer 6 or older things might not look as good as they should. We´re working on importing the old articles and image galleries to this site also.

Since someone else nicked the .com domain name, and since the .se (for Sweden) domain names now are easier to register we will soon live under the domain of plasticwarfare.se. the domain name was ordered today, so I hope it will be up and running within the week. It will however take more than a week to import all the old stuff. It was more stuff on the old site than I imagined.

We hope you will enjoy the new website.

About Erik Gustavsson

One of the founding fathers of Plastic Warfare, and the creator and administrator of this website.
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  1. Luigi Pittino says:

    Dear Sir,I am an Italian modeler,I am looking for a scaleplanes,or dimensions, of the Volvo 3304.Can You help me? Many thanks in advance. Luigi Pittino from Pasian di Prato,Udine ,Italy

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