Breaking News: Pbv 302 in resin!


The wait is over!

Just the other day I received the article from Benny about his scratch built Pbv 302. It made me think about building my own, scratch built Pbv 302. Now it seems like I don´t have to. Following up on their successes with the Ikv 91 and their Strv 104 conversion HobbyFan is releasing a 1/35 Pbv 302 in resin.

I have not yet seen any price, but given that HobbyFan-stuff is far from the cheapest stuff around I guess it will cost an arm or a leg or two. But what I have seen from HobbyFan earlier, it might well be worth it.

UPDATE 2011-01-20: Luckymodel have added the kit to their catalogue, and wants $139.99 for it.

As discernible from the picture the kit will be of a “standard, late” Pbv 302A with the M70 track rather than the M113 track. the kit seems to come with two different sets of road wheels, one set with the floatation discs in place, and one set without. The kit also comes with a round hatch to use instead of the turret, when making an ambulance version. Last but not least, there seems to be a nice decal sheet included.

What is missing from the picture are the two plates and its associated fittings on the hull front that is tilted forward when the vehicle is driven in water. But those parts might still be include in the kit. We´ll know at a later date. This kit will be reviewed here on Plastic Warfare when we can get our hands on it.

There is one more thing

There are two new PE-sets available for the Academy Strf 9040B.

The first two images show a set from a manufacturer called Mk1 Design, and the last two picture2 shows a set from Voyager.  Both are available right now, from among others, Lucky Models. More info and pics can be found here:

Mk1 set:
Voyager set:

As with the Pbv 302, we´ll give you a heads up on these sets as soon as we can get our hands on them.

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  1. Thord Wedman says:

    The secondary set of road wheels are the new type with built in flotation disks.

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