Olga Belle – a Swedish M3 scout car


For some time, I have been planning to write an article about Olga-Belle and publish it here on Plastic Warfare. However, as it turned out, the article was first published on paper.

I won’t write a long article here, but just post some pics.

The photos of the completed vignette were shot and processed in Photoshop by Sven-Åke Grufstedt, so I can take no credit for them. Thanks for your help, Sven-Åke!

A short summary of the build:

The model is a combination of the Dragon M2 halftrack (front end) and scratchbuilt body from the windscreen and back, plus details/modifications to depict the Swedish M3 Scout car used during the Congo conflict. The fuel trailer is mostly scratchbuilt since there are no commercial models available of this item.

The vehicle and trailer have been painted in the typical cammo used during that conflict, bluish-gray with black spots.

The Swedish contingent had two of these vehicles, named “Olga Belle” and “Petronella Belle”.

A full article of this build can be found in Issue 006 of Military Illustrated Modeller.

Thanks for looking! :-)

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  1. Ivan says:

    The name Olga is well chosen.

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