C4-Open 2011 show report


And so it was over, the 2011 C4-Open competition in Malmö, Sweden. This was the 20th year the competition was held, and the  event is larger than ever. A 100 competitors displayed 450 models to 1650 visitors. There were more merchants on location than ever before. The event is held in the Technical Museum of Malmö, and this year, the event used more space of the museum than ever. This year also was the first year that there ever was a Swedish Championship in model building, and C4-Open is the first event to host this competition. The championship will rotate between the three major events in Sweden, C4-Open in Malmö, 08-Open in Stockholm and Modell Göteborg in Gothenburg. Next year, the championship will be held in Gothenburg.

Ulf L held a demonstration in rigging techniques for 1/350 scale ship modelling.

Kits kits kits

Per-Olav Lund from Norway brought a fine collection of stunning dioramas, and can now add "Swedish champion" to his titles.

The first ever Swedish Champions of plastic modelling.

More pictures from the event can be found in these galleries:

Military vehicles
Ships, Theme class, civilian vehicles etc.

Update 2011-11-01

I claimed that the championship would be held in Stockholm in 2012, that was wrong. It will be held in Gothenburg. Thank you for the correction, Lars!

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  1. Stirling Lowery says:

    Erik – What a lovely model – second from the left !

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  3. Bob says:

    Dear Eric
    Thanks for your great C4 show report which my mates in England were very impressed by. One question you state that there were 450 models on show, were these just competion models or did you include the different modelling groups such as the Danish lads with their 90+ military vehicles. As to the general standard of the models I dare to state that many of the entries were better than those I have seen around the UK and European shows. All the best Bob

    • Erik Gustavsson says:

      Hi Bob
      I am glad you liked the report. As far as I know, the figure of 450 (I got the figure from the arrangers) models were just the ones in the competition. I dont know how many models there were in the various SIGs, but that would probably be a couple of hundred more. As for the standard of the competition I’d say that the best models are on pair with the best of Euromilitaire (several builders are euromilitaire and telford-winners). I know C4 has the ambition of being a more international event, and I think they might just succeed. I hope the next years event will be at least as big as this one!

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