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CV 9030, the Norwegian CV90

This is the Hobby Boss 1/35 kit of the Hägglunds (now BAE) CV90 version used by Norway. Norway was the first export customer of the CV90 IFV. It is, as its name suggests, equipped with a 30mm Bushmaster chaingun. The … Continue reading

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HobbyBoss Strf 9040C review

It´s finally here, the Hobby Boss Combat Vehicle 90C in 1/35. It has been a few years since it first appeared as a rumour on the internet. For one and a half year now we have had the Academy CV90 … Continue reading

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South Skåne Regiment 200 years celebration.

The south skåne regiment, P7, can trace it´s lineage back 200 years. This was celebrated on the 28th of august with a ceremony in which His Majesty the King Carl XIV Gustaf presented the regiment with a new regimental banner. … Continue reading

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A frosty CV9040B

The CV90 is the current tracked combat vehicle of the Swedish army, operated by the mechanised infantry and armoured units. The CV90, called Stridsfordon 9040 locally, were built to accompany the newly acquired Strv 122/Leopard 2 in the early 90s. … Continue reading

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CV9040C is coming this year

It has been rumored for some time that the CV9040C, the up armoured version of the Strf 9040 that has seen international service in Liberia and currently in Afghanistan was on the way in 1/35. Apparently Hobby Boss is showing … Continue reading

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