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Stridsvagn m/38 in detail

These photos are from the Stridsvagn m/38 that is currently displayed at Arsenalen. The Stridsvagn m/38 was developed by the Swedish (but very much German) firm of Landsverk as the L60 in 1934. It was an advanced construction for its … Continue reading

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To build an LVKV 90 – Five easy steps

What is an Lvkv 90? The Lvkv 90 is the anti-aircraft version of the CV90 family of vehicles developed by Hägglunds in the 1980s for the Swedish army. The Lvkv uses the same Bofors 40mm gun as the regular IFV … Continue reading

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A petite project – the Tamiya 1/16 Leopard 2A6

Day 1 I bought this kit of a friend, who bought it when it came out, but never got around building it (he´s a collector more than a modeller, but then again, aren’t we all?). When I got home, weary … Continue reading

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Mölleröd 2011

Mölleröd is a small place just outside the small city of Hässleholm, located in the southern part of Sweden called Skåne (Scania). Every year, the museum in Hässleholm arranges a theme day for us who have a special place in … Continue reading

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SAV m/43, a “Swedish Marder” – Part 1

When Armycast M&M released their SAV (Stormartillerivagn) m/43 as a full resin kit, my first thought was at the time “wow, finally a Swedish WW2 era vehicle that can be built straight out of the box!”.. Well, close, but not … Continue reading

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AFV Club anti laser coating

Ingvar Sylegård looks at AFV Clubs laser coating stickers Ingvar is back, with a small review of the AFV Club sticker set for depicting the anti laser coating used on modern afvs. He also gives us a sneak peek on … Continue reading

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A report from the opening of Arsenalen

Friday On friday the rain was pouring down constantly, and we had our misgivings about the opening ceremony. Even minutes before the opening ceremony began the crew was adding the finishing touches to the various exhibitions. The weather gods however … Continue reading

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Arsenalen – the new armour museum in Sweden

The 17th of june 2011 the new museum opened its doors for the public for the first time. We were there for the opening, and will cover the three days of opening activities in a separate report. We begin, however, … Continue reading

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A frosty CV9040B

The CV90 is the current tracked combat vehicle of the Swedish army, operated by the mechanised infantry and armoured units. The CV90, called Stridsfordon 9040 locally, were built to accompany the newly acquired Strv 122/Leopard 2 in the early 90s. … Continue reading

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Eduard photoetched camouflage nets

My friend, Anders Isaksson, sent me these photos of Eduards photo etched camouflage nets. They are a way simpler solution than making your own but in my opinion they really doesn´t look like the original. The shape is a bit … Continue reading

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