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J 21A3 in 1/48 from Pilot Replicas

Pilot Replicas is a fairly new manufacturer who has specialized in Swedish aircraft and related items in mainly 1/48. They appeared a few years back with the promise of not only one, but several kits of the Sk 60/SAAB 105 … Continue reading

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Decal Review: J26 Swedish Mustangs from RBD Decals

On 08-Open I met a nice guy called Robert Bergwall. He is the man behind the decals that is shipped with the Tarangus Lansen kit. He is showing and selling his own decals under the brand RBD Decals. When Robert … Continue reading

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SAAB 32 Lansen special

Celebrating the release of the Tarangus kit of the SAAB Lansen I have made a collection of articles that I hope will aid the modeller in his attempt to finishing the kit of this odd, and maybe internationally, not so … Continue reading

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SAAB J32D Walkaround

At the Swedish Airforce Historic Flight, they have three J32 Lansen aircraft. Two of them have previously done service as target tugs, one of them was used for testing by the airforce testing center. Two of the aircraft has been … Continue reading

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SAAB A32A walkaround

Update: Added some photos of the landing gear bays on the A32 Lansen that resides at the Air Force Museum at Malmen, Linköping. Its placement on large pylons enables easy access to the underside. the photos can be found last … Continue reading

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Tarangus 1/48 A32 Lansen review

Finally it arrived, after more than a year since we first heard of it, the Tarangus 1/48 scale SAAB A32 Lansen. The kit is a limited edition injection moulded plastic kit with five grey plastic sprues, one transparent plastic sprue … Continue reading

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Is it a bird? Is it a plane? – Yes it is a plane.. a J-10

This was my first 1/48th scale aircraft in modern time. I think the last aircraft I built in this scale was the Esci F-16 that came complete with a ground crew and ground equipment. A kit I remember saving my … Continue reading

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Circling Overland

the MQ-1 Predator UAV in 1/48 “Silicon advisers leading the way We reach our cruising altitude 1-1-2029, West Europe, midnight Invisible and silent, circling overland Scanning, taping, filing, instantly checking Every human, car and plane of the quarters we survey” … Continue reading

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